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Made-to-order system


Kobayashi DIA offers you fully customised designing and manufacturing of cutting tools suitable for your needs. We propose a highly cost-effective tool originally made for you, targeting cost reduction by means of tool life improvement with cut material characteristics, not to mention environmental factors such as machines and manufacturing lines, taken into account. Equipped with latest technology, our skilled engineers team up and and realise your ideal.
Greatly advanced cutting abilities can help improve productivity and operation environment.
We take qualities of cut material, manufacturing environment and other details into account. Zero-based design therefore enables to offer you cutting tools ideal for you. Kobayashi DIA's cutting tool can let you expect improvement of cutting capacity.
It will make your production efficiency greatly higher and operation environment more improved.
Making tool life longer and cost less
Together with customers, Kobayashi DIA challenges ourselves to make tool life longer. Longer tool life provides reduction in running cost and productivity improvement with a great impact, which will give high cost-effectiveness.
Consistent support from designing to re-grinding
Data of design, manufacturing and inspection values are thoroughly controlled in the original system for cutting tool control.
Fast and assured service is therefore available. Thorough support until re-grinding is available. Please feel assured and leave it to us.
Suitability for various industries

Our technology is built upon fusion of
craftsmanship with experiences of hand processing
and substantial modern facilities.
To support any complicated custom-made cutting tool,
we own and utilise over 30 NC processing machines equipped
with the latest technology, such as electric discharge machines,
wire processing machines, NC grinders of VOLLMER
and WALTER from Germany,
ANCA from Australia and so on.
Exterior and interior materials for building
Siding boards and ALC
Calcium silicate boards and noncombustible decorative boards
Printed boards
Glass epoxy boards
Aluminium borads and thick copper boards
Resin treatment
Artificial marble and Bakelite
Plastic and CFRP
Woody materials
Solid wood, laminated lumber and plywood
Vertical boards and MDF
Nonferrous metal
Aluminium alloys, copper and brass
Automobiles and automobile parts
Our solutions for you

Our engineers from different areas of expertise team up and hear your concerns. We propose a fully customised tool ideal for your needs.
Please contact us if you have such demands and concerns as below.
We believe we make perfect tools together with customers.

We are able to design a tool to meet your demands based on provided information of machines, process requirement and usage.
Please give us as much information as possible.


Poly Crystalline Diamond is called PCD for short.
It is made from diamond powders which are heat-treated at high temperature and pressure.
Vicker's hardness of PCD is HV600-HV8000.
For its superior wear resistance, it is suitable for cutting tools and wear-resistant tools.
PCDs used in our diamond tools are carefully selected from inside and outside Japan.
PCDs have many quality grades depending on diamond content and particle sizes.
It is important to select the one ideal for your cut material and cutting requirement.
This is where all expertise we acquired over the years are complied.
Variety of PCD in different grades is available for selection supported by a number of PCD manufacturers
we deal with. However, only the ones which passed our internal analysis
and antifriction tests are eligible for selection.

We recommend our diamond cutting tools simply
because we perform such tests.
Please make an inquiry using this form (available 24 hours)
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