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Exterior and interior materials for building
Siding boards and ALC
Calcium silicate boards and noncombustible decorative boards
Printed boards
Glass epoxy boards
Aluminium borads and thick copper boards
Resin treatment
Artificial marble and Bakelite
Plastic and CFRP
Woody materials
Solid wood, laminated lumber and plywood
Vertical boards and MDF
Nonferrous metal
Aluminium alloys, copper and brass
Automobiles and automobile parts

Kobayashi DIA has been engaging in manufacturing of industrial cutting tools since the establishment in 1973.
Since we succeeded in development and making diamond cutting tools into products in 1977, we have contributed on-site manufacturing innovation as a pioneer of diamond cutting tools. Designing optimal cutting tools for customer's needs. That is Kobayashi DIA's mission.

About us - Quality of Kobayashi DIA

>Made-to-order system
Unique made-to-order system
We fully customise and manufacture diamond cutting tools suitable for your requirement for machining and cut materials upon your request.
Please contact us when you consider modification and improvement of the current cutting tools you use.
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Original cutter KobaCut
KobaCut is high precision diamond cutting tool planned and developed with customers' view points. Please refer to the spec of KobaCut we highly recommend with confidence. KobaCut has already acquired 2 patents.
Sustainable follow-up service
Re-grinding makes tool life and re-grinding frequency different. We re-grind your tools with precision utilising our accumulated skills and latest machines. Please try with your tools and see our grinding technology to start with. Such maintenance as tip replacement can also be ordered.
Variety of machining equipment for printed board
Yuni-oh, Yunikko, variety of cutting machines
External angle cutting machines for siding homogeneous material
Poly crystalline diamond

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